Should You “Automate” Your Coaching Business?


I’ve been in business for 20 years and the talks of “automating your business” and “automating your marketing” have been on my radar a lot. I’ve even taught a few courses on this myself.

Who doesn’t love the idea of automating all the manual time-consuming tasks, so you can go “to the beach” and enjoy passive income, right?

And you can do this – to a point. But I am finding that when you automate some things, you “remove the heart” from your business. People buy our products and join our programs because they feel connected to us, and it’s much harder to create a real connection with people.

I admire people who are able to set up their automated funnels in a way that still “converts” to paying clients. But frankly, when I tried to do that, I missed the human connection myself. That’s why I still do live coaching programs. That’s why I still run live webinars. Automating your marketing must be done in a way that still allows you to create and nurture personal connections and develop trust and rapport with potential clients.

When it comes to automating the admin and the behind-the-scenes activities, though, I truly believe it’s a must! That’s exactly why I created Coaching Genie, to be able to automate most of the time-consuming tasks required to deliver a coaching program and manage a group.

So as you’re dreaming of a “hands-off” business or a business that “works by itself”, keep in mind that you can automate many things… but not the ones that require a connection, rapport, and trust.