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Create More Value for Your Coaching Clients

Crafting the perfect coaching program is an art. And when you have a great coaching platform to deliver your program, you can actually charge more! Coaching Genie allows you to provide your training materials, accountability, progress tracking, private journals,...

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3 Phases of Coaching Business Growth

Are you looking for a strategy on how to grow a coaching business? Are you seeking ways to expand your reach and bring on more clients? And are you focusing on the right things to grow it? In this video I am going to reveal the 3 Phases of Coaching Business Growth,...

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Teach What You Want to Learn

My coach used to say, “Teach what you want to learn.” Sounds ridiculous - how can you teach something you haven’t learned yourself yet? Isn’t that fraudulent, or at the very least unethical? As it turns out, there’s a lot of wisdom to it. Because when you’re truly...

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